In April, the PMI service industry in China’s finance and industry rose to 52.9

The growth of production and operation activities in the manufacturing industry and service industry rose, and the April finance and new China integrated PMI, including the two major industries, PMI, recorded a recovery of 52.3 and 0.5 percentage points higher in March.

Affected by the accelerated pace of expansion of business activities, the growth of new business in service industry in April has been rising at the same time. Some of the companies said that the growth of new orders came from the improvement of market conditions, the increase in the number of tourists and the advent of new products; while the growth rate of manufacturing output rose slightly, the growth of new orders continued to slow. In the two industries, the growth rate of new orders has increased slightly, and the whole is still moderate.

In order to develop new projects and enhance the capacity of enterprises, the scale of employment in China’s service industry continued to expand in April, and the expansion rate exceeded that in March. The manufacturing industry continued to shrink a small scale. The performance of the two major industries rose by one to one, making the overall employment scale stable at the beginning of the two quarter, ending the slight decline in March.

The average input cost pressure of the service industry continued to rise, but the growth rate dropped to its lowest level in six months. Respondents generally said that this is related to the rise in pay. Manufacturing costs have picked up slightly. On the whole, input costs rose slightly, or fell to the lowest level since last June, and inflationary pressure has weakened.

The service and manufacturing enterprises continued to raise the charging price in April. Fees for service industry rose slightly, the increase was basically the same as before March, and the ex factory price increase in manufacturing industry slowed down compared with that in March, and the overall increase was smaller. On the whole, output prices continue to rise slightly.

Affected by the decline in confidence in manufacturing enterprises, Chinese enterprises’ confidence in the next 12 months has dropped to its lowest level in three months. The confidence level of service enterprises increased slightly compared with March, but still weaker than the historical level.

Zhong Zhengsheng, chairman and chief economist of the finance new think tank, said the new China composite output index rose slightly after a large fall last month, showing that the economy is still more stable; the service industry has a more obvious recovery relative to the manufacturing industry, and the future output index has fallen. Can make the investment of manufacturing industry further pressure.

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